Costa Rica Fishing Charters and Vacations

Costa Rice Fishing Charters & VacationsCosta Rica Fishing Charters & VacationsCosta Rica Fishing Charters & VacationsCosta Rica Fishing Charters & VacationsCosta Rica Fishing Charters & Vacations

Secluded, select, and luxurious--Osa Resort Club's exclusive and elegant atmosphere is designed to delight even the most particular of tastes. Whether you wish to survey the world around you from a mountaintop or indulge in an adventuresome day sport fishing in Costa Rica, Osa Resort Club has taken every luxury and put it into one exclusive location for you to pick your guilty pleasures and customize your ultimate experience--whether it's deep sea fishing or blending into the natural landscape of a Costa Rican Rainforest.

Unique Costa Rican Life Style & Location
Located on the Pacific Coast 30 miles North of Panama in the town of Puerto Jimenez, Osa Resort Club sits serene and beautiful atop a mountain overlooking the Rainforest and the Golfo Dulce.  Surround yourself in the ultimate decadence of thriving natural luxury in an eco-friendly destination. 

The Osa Resort Club gets its name from its exotic location on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica’s southernmost peninsula.  This natural paradise is home to some of the most rare and endangered animals in the world, including the Puma, Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, and Scarlet Macaw.  National Geographic Magazine has rightfully dubbed it “one of the most biologically intense places on earth.”

A large portion of the Osa Peninsula has been turned into the Corcovado National Park, the single largest spread of lowland, tropical rainforest in Central America.  Boasting Central America’s tallest tree at seventy-seven meters tall, the Corcovado National Park has been called “one of the tallest rainforests in the entire world.”

Costa Rica fishing charter trips provide anglers with the chance to experience big game in an environment often called "the sport fishing capital of the world." A variety of impressive catches swim in remarkably high populations in this untouched seascape. This Pacific Coast has yieled some of the most impressive catches in the record books, and is home to the spectacular Rooster Fish.

Just a short boat ride from the Osa Peninsula sits an island where the indigenous pre-Columbian Boruca people placed their burial grounds.  The island has since been dedicated to preservation and is now called the “Isla del Caño Biological Reserve.”    The abundant plant and animal life on the island offers a wondrous experience, while the waters surrounding the island hide some of the “best underwater adventure destinations in the world.”  With extraordinarily high visibility, divers, swimmers, and snorkelers can see stunning, intact reefs that are home to a host of ocean life, including turtles, dolphins, whales, stringrays, sharks, eels, barracuda, and many saltwater fish.