Blue Marlin Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St Pete, FL

Blue Marlin Sport FishingThe Blue Marlin’s long, pointy upper jaw classifies it as a billfish, and its coloring and appearance make it unmistakable.  This fish is a delight for sport fishing enthusiasts.  Its large size and strong fight challenge the best, and it can take over an hour to reel in a Blue Marlin.  Our fishing charters are outfitted with sound equipment and experienced captains, who will gladly offer help if you’re lucky enough to have a Blue Marlin bite your line.

Description: The overall appearance of the Blue Marlin is distinguished.  Its blue dorsal fin tapers down its back, with the forward most spine coming to a sharp vertical point.  Its blue and brown back is broken up by fifteen vertical stripes over each side that fade into its whitish belly.  

Size: The Blue Marlin can become an extremely large game fish. Its record size of 16 ft. and 2,000 lbs far surpasses that of other large game fish.  Typically, though, the Blue Marlin is under 500 lbs and most common around 300 lbs.  Males of this species are said to never grow over 300 lbs; a specimen larger than that is assuredly female.  While the meat is excellent, this fish is usually caught only for sport and released unharmed.

Location: The Blue Marlin can be found throughout the Gulf near weed lines, water temperature breaks, and current changes in all blue water offshore.  It frequently swims and feeds near the surface.  Little is known about its spawning habits in Gulf waters, but the typical spawning season in the Atlantic lasts from July to September. 

Snagging a Blue Marlin is sure to have you bragging.  For a chance to get your big fish story, contact Monster Charters today to reserve your spot on our next offshore fishing charter.