Cobia Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL

Cobia FishingA predatory fish, the Cobia resemble small sharks when seen from surface level.  This fish is frequent in bays and deeper offshore water, and has been spotted in water as deep as 4,000 ft. It feeds aggressively, chasing finfish and crabs from surface level to the sandy bottom.  Found Gulf-wide, the Cobia is not always easy to locate, but makes a great catch when hooked.

Description: The Cobia is a darker-bodied fish with a brown back and even darker strip stretching down the side of its body.  The belly is usually a lighter white color. Several small finlets lie ahead of the dorsal fin.  Younger Cobia are darker, and closely resemble sharksuckers. 

Size: The Cobia is a worthy catch.  It can grow up to 44 inches and over 100 lbs, though most game weighs in between 50 lbs and 80 lbs.  While not as remarkable as other fish, the Cobia is still considered a fine main course. 

Location: Finding a Cobia is not always easy.  In a vast watery expanse, the Cobia is most often attached to floating debris, structures, and even sea turtles.  It is more commonly fished in water 250 ft. deep or less, but it has been known to venture into deeper water.

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