Kingfish Sport Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and Surrounding Areas

Common throughout the Gulf of Mexico in shallower waters, the Kingfish in all its varieties is a perfect inshore fishing prospect. Locally, the Kingfish is often referred to as a Mullet, but it is wrongly identified as such. The Kingfish is actually part of the Drum fish family.

Gulf Kingfish Sport Fishing
Gulf Kingfish

Southern Kingfish Sport Fishing
Southern Kingfish

The shallow waters off the coast and the many flats situated around coastal Tampa areas provide sandy bottoms and estuaries to which the Kingfish is frequently drawn.

Kingfish are formidable opponents when it comes to baiting. Because their mouths are small and under-drawn, artificial lures and large hooks fail to snag Kingfish. When casting for this fish, small hooks and natural bait provide the best opportunities for game.

Many of the fishing charters we offer here at Monster Charters frequently troll areas where Kingfish can be found. From flats fishing to deep sea excursions, our participating fishing charters know where to go to find Kingfish in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

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