Mackerel Fishing Charters Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and More

Mackerel are common smaller game fish for Gulf Coast fishing charters.  Once overfished, the Mackerel population has rebounded thanks to regulations.  Since they mature and reproduce quickly, they have remained resilient despite pressure from heavy fishing.

King Mackerel Fishing
King Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel Fishing
Spanish Mackerel

Thanks to modern day preservative techniques and the availability of ice, Mackerel is available as a fresh catch, but the meat tends to spoil quickly, and it must be eaten within 24 hours.

Mackerels are characterized by their bodies, which are long and narrow.  They have deeply forked tails that narrow considerably where they meet the body.  They are also characterized by a series of dorsal fins and smaller finlets along their backs.  The bodies of Mackerel are generally streamlined with a small, almost scale-less appearance. 

Mackerel are skilled and rapid swimmers that use short, quick side motions of their tails to swim.  Though not a fish that commonly leaps from the water, Mackerel often school and feed near the surface.  Their movement when feeding makes a distinct ripple at surface level that is visible in clearer daytime conditions and perfect for sight fishing on a flats fishing charter.

Our fishing charter captains know the seasons and signs of Mackerel.  Whether its summer or winter, different types of Mackerel abound in the warm Gulf waters off Tampa, Florida, and we can take you to them. 

If you’re set on the idea of a fresh catch, contact Monster Charters today to reserve a charter perfect for Mackerel fishing.