Mahi Mahi Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and Surrounding Areas

Mahi Mahi FishingThe Mahi Mahi, also known as the Dolphin Fish, is one of the most physically stunning specimens in the Gulf of Mexico.  Its colorful appearance makes it a trophy fish worthy of any wall, especially if you are fortunate enough to hook a large male.  This fish prefers more offshore waters, and has an attraction to floating objects.  Fishing charters often target patches of seaweed and debris in search of Mahi Mahi.  Any Mahi Mahi you may catch will be under 2 years old, as research shows that the fish die once they reach their maximum length and weight after 2 years of hurried growth.

Description: The coloring of the Mahi Mahi is unmistakable.  An azure blue dorsal fin extends high off the back and runs the length of the body.  From the back, blue fades into a brilliant green and then into bright yellow on its sides.  The underbelly of the Mahi Mahi is a whitish-yellow.  Large, mature males develop a distinctly vertical forehead. 

Size:  Mahi Mahi grow at an incredible rate of up to 5 in. per month with males weighing in at over 50 lbs.  The most common sized Mahi Mahi is around 20 lbs.  This fish is a common restaurant item, and it is a delicious main course. 

Location:  Mahi Mahi are found near floating debris and seaweeds patches.  Most larger schools are females, which spend their time around objects. The catch ratio of females to males reflects this fact.  Males spend the majority of their time in the open water swimming between schools of females.  During the summer, Mahi Mahi move to warm offshore waters of 75°F or warmer to spawn.  During this time, they spawn repeatedly, lying up to 12 million eggs, and the males continue to move between female groups.

Our fishing charter captains know the right seasons and places to raise your chances of reeling in the big one and going home with a beautiful reminder. 

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