Redfish Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and Surrounding Areas

Redfish Charter FishingOften called the Redfish by locals, this fish is known more accurately as the Red Drum.  It is an incredibly hardy species, and it can be found in every water condition from high-salinity, offshore water to freshwater estuaries.  Found in water with mud bottoms, shell hash, and even oyster reefs, the Red Drum is not picky about its environment.  The Red Drum’s opportunistic feeding tendencies are evidence of its tolerance for different conditions.  All these characteristics make the Red Drum a fantastic game fish to consider when booking a fishing charter, regardless of whether it’s inshore, flats, or offshore.

Description:   This fish draws its name from its coloring.  While the color intensity varies depending on the type of water it comes from, the Red Drum can be anything from a silvery-gray with a red cast to a bright copper color with a silver cast.  Its belly is whitish, and a single, black spot is often evident near its tail fin; however, it is not unheard of to reel in a Red Drum with two spots or even no apparent spots.

Size:  Red Drums grow quickly and, when mature, can weigh over 30 lbs.  Smaller Red Drums are caught inshore and weigh less than 10 lbs as they are still maturing.  Offshore, mature Red Drums can be found in water up to 50 ft. deep.  Typically, though less mature, a smaller, inshore catch is considered better to eat.

Location: Because the Red Drum is incredibly tolerant of many environmental conditions, it can be found almost anywhere in the Tampa area, often times inshore. Our location, with its many barrier islands, provides the Red Drum with choice spawning habitats.  Though it can be found all over throughout the year, from August to October, the Red Drum spawns nightly in high-salinity water with strong currents, which is precisely the environment provided between our many barrier island passes.

This fish is the perfect game for both the inexperienced and experienced sport-fisher.  Our charter captains have spent years on the water, and they know the choice habitats for you to snag a Red Drum. 

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