Sailfish Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL

Sail Fish Sport Fishing The Sailfish is an all-around impressive catch.  It is the swiftest fish in the sea, recorded swimming up to 70 mph.  This fish gathers its name from the dorsal fin, which resembles an unfurled sail; however, the fin usually remains folded down and to the side unless the fish becomes excited or frightened.  The Sailfish is a large challenger, and its spirited fight makes it a favorite among trophy fishers and a crowd-pleaser on fishing charters.

Description: The appearance of the Sailfish is unmistakable.  It is characterized by a large, erect, blue dorsal fin known as a sail.  Black dots cover the sail, and its back is blue as well.  A brownish stripe runs the length of its body, and its sides and belly are silvery-white.  An elongated bill extends from its nose similar to other billfish like Swordfish and Marlin.  Its coloring is blue-grey normally, but, when frightened or excited, the body of the Sailfish turns light blue with stripes appearing over its sides. 

Size: Sailfish can grow to an imposing 10 ft and weigh up to 220 lbs, but they are commonly sized around 6 ft. and under 200 lbs.  It seems to be slightly smaller in the Gulf.  Though it has been fished as a food staple, the Sailfish is not considered an inspiring catch for the dinner table in North America.

Location:  The Sailfish prefers clearer water with higher salinity levels.  It is found Gulf-wide in both near-shore and offshore waters that are conducive to its preferences.  Typically, the Sailfish swims and feeds closer to surface level, and it often does so in a group, collectively using their sails to herd prey.

The thrill of reeling in a Sailfish is a remarkable one, and our fishing charter captains are pros when it comes to making memories on the open sea. Contact Monster Charters today to book the best charter for Sailfish sport fishing.