Snook Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and More

Snook FishingWhile this fish is extremely tolerant of salinity differences in environments, the Common Snook is not fond of water temperature variations.  A Common Snook will never be found in water below 60°F, and, thus, it is found only in the southern half of Florida.  Thankfully for us at Monster Charters, Tampa’s central location on the Gulf of Mexico is favorable for Snook fishing, which makes for a great inshore experience.  This fish’s predatory feeding practices make it opportunistic and easy to bait with surface lures. 

Description: The Snook has a somewhat menacing appearance.  Its sleek body and under-bitten jaw line are reminiscent of other predatory fish.  The coloring of the Snook is unimpressive and muddled.  The only distinct coloring is a yellow tinge on its fins, and a single black stripe down its side. 

Size: This fish can become rather large, growing to over 4 ft. and 50 lbs.  While it is a smaller game fish compared to offshore game, the Snook is known to put up a tough fight and test even the strongest of people.  The fight is well worth it, though, as Snook are excellent fair for a main course.

Location: Snook are typically found in more inshore waters.  They prefer to stay near objects and coverings such as pier pillars and the shadows provided by tree cover. 

If you’re ready for the exciting lure of Snook fishing, contact Monster Charters to find an inshore fishing charter certain to put you right in the action.