Tarpon Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL

Tarpon Sport FishingWhile considered a formidable game fish, Tarpon fishing in North America is mainly for sport, and the fish is often released unharmed.  Hooking a Tarpon while on a fishing charter will have the crew ready for a show.  It is an unyielding fighter on the end of a line, and its powerful jumps from the water are impressive and intimidating to fishermen.  Though some countries serve Tarpon, it is not a common menu item in the United States. 

Description: This fish is characterized by its wide, toothless mouth and large head.  The bony, under-slung jaw opens wide when hooked, and gives the Tarpon a daunting appearance as it leaps aggressively from the water.  Its body is streamlined and silver, and the last ray of the dorsal is elegantly elongated.

Size: While the Tarpon is not the largest of game fish, its mid-ranking size does not keep it from putting up an aggressive fight.  This silver bullet can grow up to 8 ft. and weigh over 200 lbs.  The most common size for Tarpon is between 75 lbs. and 125 lbs. 

Location:  Found throughout the Gulf, the Tarpon is a perfect fish for which to cast a line.  It sticks to open offshore and deep sea waters, and prefers live bait that is small and silver.  From May to September, it spawns in open water, giving game seekers many opportunities to hook one.

The Tarpon is sure to provide you a story for the books.  Its fiery nature when snagged tests even the strongest sea-farers.  Our fishing charter captains never tire from the thrill of Tarpon fishing.

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