Grey Triggerfish Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and More

Grey Triggerfish Sport FishingThough small and unremarkable in color, the Grey Triggerfish is prized for its excellent taste and is a common addition to aquariums as well.  It is considered a Northern Gulf fish, but the central location of Tampa means that Triggerfish are not uncommon in the area, and our fishing charters know just where to find them.     

Description: The Triggerfish is an unremarkable muddled grey, overall.  Younger fish have dark triangular stripes that fade with age.  Rough and sand-papery, the skin of the Triggerfish is hard to remove when cleaning.  The body of this species is deep and narrow, and a large trigger-like fin in front of the dorsal gives the Grey Triggerfish its name.  This spiny ridge is followed by two smaller spines, the shortest of which locks the fin upright.

Size:  The Triggerfish is relatively small compared to other game fish in the Gulf, and hooking one that weighs in at 1-3 lbs is typical; however, when allowed to mature, they have been known to reach 14 lbs.  Female Triggerfish live longer and grow larger than males.  Though it can be hard to clean, the Triggerfish yields savory meat, and if kept alive, becomes an attractive show fish in an aquarium.

Location: The Grey Triggerfish is an offshore dweller.  Most often it is found in waters from 40-200 ft. deep. It prefers to stay near wrecks, reefs, rocks, and structures like oil platforms.  Younger triggerfish stay closer to shore.  In early summer, the Grey Triggerfish spawns offshore near a guarded nest.

Whether you’re looking for an attractive aquarium show piece or a tasty bite to eat, a fishing charter from Monster Charters can’t be beat.  Contact us today to find an offshore charter suited for snagging a Grey Triggerfish.