Wahoo Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL

Wahoo FishingThe Wahoo is an interesting character.  Commonly mistaken for a Barracuda, and related to the Mackerel, the Wahoo has a menacing appearance, and rightfully so.  This predatory fish is incredibly swift, capable of swimming up to 50 mph, and is considered a nuisance when it interferes with big game fishing from professional and commercial fishing charters.  When not interfering, however, it is an incredibly prized catch.

Description: The Wahoo is an attractive fish.  Its body is long and covered with tiny scales.  An iridescent blue-green color stretches over the back, fading into a silvery color on its sides.  Vertical stripes of blue cut through the main body color.  What distinguishes the Wahoo from the Mackerel is a fold of skin that covers the mouth when closed.

Size: Wahoo can grow to be incredibly large, reaching over 7 ft. in length and weighing over 100 lbs.  The most common size for a Wahoo is between 50 and 75 lbs.  Its flesh is delicate and white, and is considered to be high quality. 

Location: The Wahoo is a solitary fish.  It rarely swims with other fish, and it prefers to stay in the cloak of blue water.  It is commonly seen near ledges, drops offs, and weed lines.  Because of its elusive lifestyle, the Wahoo is a prized catch in sport fishing when it can be found.

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